Partner Visa DIY

You and your partner are on an exciting journey to apply for a Partner visa Application to build your future together in Australia. You have done a lot of research, have a checklist and have filled out or collected various documents. However you might still have a some questions or are not sure about a few things and would like our highly specialised team to review your application. We can find any weaknesses and shortfalls in your application to ensure you are 100% confident in your self lodgement and your application has high chances of success.
What we will do for you:
– review your evidence and statutory declarations
– find weaknesses and suggest solutions
– help strengthen your visa application
– answer any questions you may have regarding your application or the process
While we are eager to help all couples with their applications that come through our doors, it would be impossible to address complex cases with this service. If you or your partner have any health issues, criminal records, your sponsor (Australian Citizen or Permanent resident) has sponsored someone for a partner visa before, you have existing visa issues or your relationship is not straight forward you may need our team to take full control of your case for best chances of success.
This option is NOT suitable if you have
Health issues
Criminal record
Have previously sponsored another person
Have exisiting visa issues

5 Things you must know before
you apply for Australian partner visa

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